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Amazon Prime Video India is a huge ecosystem for movies and TV Series. Even though the collection of movies, especially in terms of quality is not as good as Netflix India, there are some movies that have left a mark in the history of cinema. We have picked some choicest of best movies on Amazon Prime Video India that you can stream on the go. We have considered varied audiences and their choices. So, the list is a mix of films belonging to different genres.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life 

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a Frank Capra essential. This film portrays both the sides of life – positive and negative. It tells the story of a frustrated businessman who loses a lot of money. An angel saves his life by showing the real meaning of existence. The best part about the film is that Capra has shown how life would be if we never existed. The film shows the value of the wonderful thing that life is. It is full of Frank Capra’s style of portraying human emotion with a bit of pathos. He does it using mostly understated drama. The film features in the list of best movies on Amazon Prime Video India because of its emotional context and a wonderful timeless message.

2.Cast Away

This film talks about the story of a man left alone on an island. He struggles his way to get back to his world. In the journey, he spends many years fulfilling his basic necessities. Ultimately, he survives. The story sounds simple but it is told brilliantly. Moreover, the man is played by Tom Hanks who delivers a terrific and Goosebumps inducing performance in the movie. Enough reasons to watch ‘Cast Away’? Robert Zemeckis survival drama ‘Cast Away’ undoubtedly enters all the lists of best movies ever made let alone in the list of best movies on Amazon Prime Video India. The movie relies on Tom Hank’s acting forte and the writer who seems to know the modes of survival on an island as if he has lived that life.


Are you a Christopher Nolan fan? Well, who isn’t? ‘Inception’ is arguably Nolan’s best work and more so when it has Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the best roles of his career. Backed by Hans Zimmer’s music and non-linear storytelling, ‘Inception’ takes you to a dreamy world created by Christopher Nolan. Cinematography by Wally Pfister does the rest of the magic on the screen which does add to the cinematic extravaganza. ‘Inception’ is that one confusing film which is a must watch for its fresh script and Nolan’s direction.

4.La La Land

The Academy Award-winning picture ‘La La Land’ by Damien Chazelle is an eminently watchable film if you are a Jazz music enthusiast. The film mainly relies on its cinematography and music along with some great performances. It tells the story of a pianist and an actress who fall in love. Thereafter, they attempt to chase their aspirations. ‘La La Land’ has an emotional depth for which it enters our list of best movies on Amazon Prime Video India.

The haul of movies in Amazon Prime Video India is growing. Even though the quality of Amazon Prime Video Indian originals is questionable, the tech giant did come up with a good TV series like ‘Inside Edge’ and ‘Breathe’.

We are expecting some best movies on Amazon Prime Video India to be added soon. Stay tuned for further updates on movies on Amazon Prime Video India.

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