Best Office Games to Play

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Well, many organizations do not have any fun activities at office because of the work or some other problem. But playing fun games in office on Fridays will help the employees to come out of stress and make them enjoy their free time during the working hours.  So, now the organizations have created a rule for fun games in office on Fridays which can benefit the employees from taking their time off the work. So, the games can be played indoor and outdoor depending upon the activities. Below are the best office games to play.

Story Telling

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To play this game, the employees are separate into two teams which helps them to use their creative ideas. On the separate pieces of paper, try to write different worlds, fold them and put the paper in bowl. So, each team need to choose 5 pieces of paper from the bowl and the team has the words. Afterwards, they will have to 5 minutes to use the words which were picked from the bowl and need form a story using those words. Finally, the team with the good story wins the game.

Penny for Your Thoughts

This game can be ideal activity to play where the employees can open up and able to have fluid conversations.  Try to create a friendly atmosphere which can help the employees to get into the zone. So, the penny for your thoughts is all about sharing your best memories that has happened in their life.

Treasure Hunt

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This is regarded as the fun games in office on Fridays which can get the employees out of their chairs and away from their desks for the break. So, divide the employees into 2 different teams and they will have a sheet of paper with the list of objects where they need to find around the office.  Try to set a timer for 2 to 5 minutes and let each team lose for finding the objects. When timer stops, the team that has found more objects will be declared as the winner.

There are many other games to play in office which can make employees happy during the working hours because to come out of pressure and enjoy the fun time. However, above games are the ideal fun games in office on Fridays to be played where employees can relax for some time. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best office games to play. Thanks for reading!

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